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An emergency or natural disaster can happen almost anywhere at anytime and during one there are many unexpected situations you are UNABLE to prepare for. It is for that reason you SHOULD do everything in your power to prevent the situations you CAN prepare for, especially if it is something as simple as having several cubes stored away so you can provide the most necessary thing you and your family need to survive! 

Come on people, it's easy! Let me help you be prepared. I should be a part of everyones Survival or Emergency Preparedness Kits, especially if you live in natural disaster prone areas.

Download our free ebook and then order one for every person in your home.... plus an extra one because if you're like most, you'll be finding other convenient uses.

Over and out, the Cubester! :-)

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Let Me ​​Help you Be Prepared!

​​​​​​​In an emergency, never be without water

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WaterStorageCube™ collapsible water containers enable you to be ready to store, transport, or dispense all the water you and your family or friends need. Whether thats on an outdoor adventure with limited water access, or in case of an emergency where there could be no access to water ..

​​​​​​​ Unlike 1 gallon jugs or larger, f water that take up lots of space, have an expiration date, and leave a leaky mess, our containers hold up to 5 gallons and store folded up taking very minimal space until needed. 

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS.NATURAL DISASTERSWhen a storm approaches or during the peak times you want to be prepared, you can instantly fill up your containers. This way you are not dealing with additional stress during an already stressful time. You can Be Prepared with the #1 essential survival item, water, that you and your family need to survive.

If the event of an natural disaster or emergency such as a hurricane, there are lots of things you have to worry about and frantically shopping for water last minute as everyone does DOES NOT have to be one of them! I tell you from experience, there is nothing worse than the fear of trying to make your home and family safe in a small amount of time and then not being able to find or get enough water which you need to survive. I never want to be in that situation again where my family is relying on me and the fear that you might lose everything and you cant provide the basic necessity for survival.

If you are a family of 3 with a pet, then you should be able to store at least 16-32 gallons of water. Imagine the stress of trying to buy that last minute with everyone else doing the same, plus the headache of transporting and storing it just in case you need it! Then what do you with it if you don’t.


NOW imagine having 5 WaterStorageCubes™ folded away in a drawer or cabinet and that  you can instantly fill up for 30 gallons! No stress, If not needed, simply empty, dry and store away. EVERY HOME SHOULD 

 Protect your family. Every home should min 1gal per person for emergencie

There is simply no reason not to have several of these around the house. They are inexpensive, have many other uses, take up little space and they are reusable.  Yes, its ok to have coolers and water jugs, but believe me, in case of an emergency, you will need much more water than you think. And, these containers make for easy transporting if the needs arise as they are light, easy to carry and take up little space when not full.

The best thing about these premium storable containers is that unlike others, they have no PVC or BPA. They do not have that plasticky smell and do not change the taste of water.


​​​​​​​ Constructed of quality food-grade BPA free plastic that is FDA compliant, the WaterStorageCube™ keeps water fresh and clean for drinking, cooking, cleaning, washing, flushing and more. Unlike storing water in an open bathtub where dirt, soap scum and exposure to air and other debris will spoil and become useless, your WaterStorageCube™ containers securely and safely store water with an easy to dispense spigot for quick use.

During a hurricane or tropical storm, water main breaks and storm surges can interrupt or even contaminate your water supply. It is during these conditions WaterStorageCube™ can be used for temporary water storage.

Since  they are collapsible and reusable, you can either use them as a storm approaches to be safe, or in advance for unforeseen emergencies like some storms, power outages and water main breaks.  While we recommend changing out the water every 4-8 weeks,
FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) says you can store tap water for up to 6 months in a clean container that is tightly sealed and stored in dark, cool location.We personally always keep at least 3 containers full during the summer storm/hurricane season because there is always water main leaks with boil water notices.  In addition, I personally recommend all my family to have at least 1 container per household member, including pets.

In an emergency, it is recommended that you have 1-3 gallons of water per family member, per day. So for a family of 5 with a pet, that’s 12 gallons per day and an outage could easily last as long as a week or more. That’s 84 gallons needed! 


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