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About WaterStorageCube

How Cubey & WaterStorageCube were Conceived.

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Our mascot Cubey came to life when we created WaterStorageCube™ out of a personal promise I made to myself after not being prepared. The tremendous stress, fear and helpnesses I endured as my family was relying on me made me swore that If we made it through this, I would do more to always be prepared. And after hearing so many similar stories, I vowed to help educate others.

Through this process we came upon a product mostly known for camping & outdoors and realized how perfect it could be. After testing over 12 different types, brands, styles and materials we found out the good/bad, what people like/didnt-like, what worked well/what didnt, then manufactured our own with the highest quality standards. That is when our WaterStorageCube™ brand of collapsible water storage containers. . . .  and Cubey was born. 

The support and demand have been overwhelming!

From coast to coast people have expressed their thanks and are amazed at just how simple and affordable it is to be prepared. What they appreciated more is the awareness so that they could avoid a similar situation. Now they love sharing the storey to show people how to be proactive instead of reactive.

Naturally it was an even bigger hit with the existing camping, outdoor and survival market who already new how useful and convenient it was.  Now they have a more reliable option with a brand they can trust, for all of their adventurous activities.

Since then, Cubey has been helping us spread the word and is passionate about educating showing people how simple but important it is to Be Prepared!

People love it and we  (including Cubey) are glad to help, educate and be a part of the solution. We love to here all the amazing uses and stories.  not only for emergency but we constantly getting  feedback on so many other great uses and benefits people are finding!


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Gives you the ability to store all the water you need without taking up  much space until you need it.   Perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting, fishing or anything outdoors where space and weight is an issue. Bring these light space saving containers with you to fill on site, or easily bring all the fresh water you need and then not have to worry about carrying or storing the containers when they are empty.  Water is easy to dispense for cooking, cleaning, drinking and sanitation.


Be Prepared. Never Be Without Water!

Enables you to quickly and easily be able to fill and store all the water your family needs, without taking up much space before you need it, such as in the event of an emergency or natural disaster like hurricane, tornado, earthquake, fire, flood or drought.

- Should be included in everyone’s Emergency / Survival Kits.

  • Outdoors: Household, garden, camping, RV, backpacking, hunting, hiking, picnic, BBQs, sports, events, beach, parties
  • Emergency/Disaster Preparedness :  Hurricane, tornedo, fire, flood, drought and more.
  • Everyday Use: Many uses and benefits for the home. Dispense from the refrigerator,  gardening, kids playing outside, hope projects, watering plants in/out, cleaning etc.
  • Auto emergency water container
  • Handwashing stations for parties, at events or festivals
  • Humanitarian aid & disaster relief


  • Holds up to 5 gallons of water and collapses when not being used.(3 Sizes  5.3gal, 2.6gal, 1.3gal)
  • Collapsible /Foldable: When not in use they store away easily, unlike rigid containers.
  • Leak Proof Spigot:  Made of thicker strong plastic withstands pressure. Custom gasketless design means no pieces to wear out out and replace.
  • Sturdy & Durable: One-piece molded design means no seams to leak and can withstand pressure such as falling off the counter or being used as a seat.
  • Removable spigot for easy filling and draining.
  • Integrated Molded Handle for easy handling and transport. Will not break since it is all one piece design 
  • Made of  Food Safe, BPA free, environmentally friendly LDPE plastic (low density Polyethylene)
  •  Light, compact, flexible
  • Portable
  •  Reusable: When done using, simply clean, dry, fold. (Although it is not disposable, due to the design nature it will wear out and need to be replaced over time)
  •  No plasticy smell or taste, unlike other products
  • Very versatile.  So many uses from camping, to emergency preparedness, to everyday home uses.