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Never Be without Water

The most versatile Camping, Outdoor & Emergency Preparedness
​​​​​​​water container you never knew you needed.

Hi, I'm Cubey!

Welcome, I'm Cubey!

A compact, foldable water container to help you be prepared for lifes fun advertures, as well as life-threatening situations.

I'ts my mission to educate & create awareness on why it's important to Be Prepared! Let me help you!

Our premium collapsible water container  enables you to quickly & conveniently be ready to store, transport & dispense all the water you need. Please read on to learn more about all my awesome uses & why I need to be a part of every household!

For Emergency Prepardness​​​​​​

Live in an area prone to hurricanes or natural disasters? What's your Emergency Plan for water, which is essential for your familys survival? 

Like most, it's probably wait to the last minute, then run to the store in a panic as everyone fights for the last drop before being sold out. Then, frantically running from store to store trying to find enough as you waste gas & time, both of which are also in short supply.

Now that your mentally exhaused, stressed & trying to make plans on how to protect your home & family, you have to unload & carry everything inside & realize you have no place to store it! 

​​​​​​​And the worst part . . . you could only get half the water your family needs to survive in the 100º heat. This happened to me. It happens to many unnecessarily almost every year.

Now wouldnt it be much easier if you could INSTANTLY unfold 4 WaterStorageCubes 
and fill with 20 gallons of water without leaving your home?

► Easier  to store and takes up less space.

► Has a spigot for easy dispensing.

► If you had to relocate, it's easier to carry 4 cubes  
     than 20 gallons.

► If you dont need them, simply emtpy, dry and put
    away. Unlike gallons jugs  that expire, leak and take
    up lots of space, these are compact and reusable

Not only is it an EASY solution, it's INEXPENSIVE.  You owe it  to your family to BE PREPARED!

Perfect for outdoor activities like camping, RV, hunting, hiking, backpacking, fishing, picnics, BBQs, sports, festivals, parties, home projects, watering plants & so much more! 

For Camping, Fun, Outdoors & Home​​​​​​​

Hi, I'm Cubey!

Cubey Factoid:  A person needs 2 gallons of water per day for drinking, eating & sanitation. ​​​​​​​For a family of 3 with a pet, that's 20 gallons for 3 days!

From Pleasure to Preparedness

Hi, I'm Cubey!

We have you covered. Plus so many other uses.

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